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Short Pour - Mini Mixer Trucks

3 Yard / 4 Yard / 5 Yard / 6 Yard

Need something for those smaller loads of concrete? Need to save fuel costs on those smaller deliveries? 

Concrete Mixer Supply is here to help you improve the efficiency and reliability of your fleet so you can better service your customers and increase your company’s profit and potential. We have been building 3, 4, 5, and 6 yard mixers for over 18 years! We take pride in a quality product.

We build mini mixer trucks that suit your needs!

4 Yard Kenworth Mixer Truck

Contact Bryce at Concrete Mixer Supply for more information or to get a quote on a small mixer truck to meet your needs.


1/4” spun steel drum head; 52” inner headliner; 3/16” drum shell and mixing blades cut from High Abrasion Resistant Steel Plate; Drum head seam subarc welded outside; drum track surface machined, one piece solid steel drum track; 43” discharge opening with one bolt on hatch.

Gearbox – ZF OR PMP:

One-year warranty on gearbox, pump, and motor.

Hydrostatic Drive:

Eaton rebuilt heavy-duty pump and motor matched to engine RPM for optimum speed 18-20 mixing revs per minute; one 8-gallon remote hydraulic oil reservoir; 10-micron non-bypass filter with shut off valve, Gearbox mounted hydraulic cooler with fan.

Drum Rollers:

Special alloy steel drum rollers with tapered bearings, double lip seals, center shaft lubrication, and roller surface hardened.

Water System:

100-gallon steel side-mounted tank with 3 position fill, dump and hold valve, pressure relief valve, calibrated sight gauge assembly, 6” water tank filler seal, and 1” water line to the rear of the mixer. 25-foot wash-down hose and spray nozzle.

Charge Hopper:

Steel lip charging hopper with wide opening for faster loading.

Rear Ladder:

16” wide non-skid ladder rungs and platform base, anti-pinch fold-down extension ladder, safety handrails.

Drum and Throttle Control:

In-cab and rear cable control for drum rotation and engine throttle speed control. Chute raise and lower, rear water injection, and wash down valves.


4 yard main chute with tapering fold over, bearings in chute swivel pivot arm for longer life and easier turning – 2 48” steel extension chutes. Frame mounted extension chute carrier. Chute Hoist, 2” diameter solid rod lift cylinder.


Smooth heavy-duty steel single axle fender, front and rear supports, front and rear mud flaps.

Mixer Lights:

Sealed marker light system, rubber mounted recessed sealed marker/reflector lights.


The mixer and components are prime painted with heavy base primer and then painted one color of urethane white.


4 Yard Stationary Mini Mixer

4 Year Stationary Mini Mixer

There are other options to customize your Mixer. Contact us today to get your quote. We’re looking forward to working with you and your company! 877-254-0715